Area Rug Pads

Area rug pads add cushion and help keep your rugs in place.
Learn more about the benefits of adding area rug pads.

Area Rug Pads in Nampa and Boise, ID

Area rug pads go beneath your area rugs and provide such benefits as:

  • An added layer of cushioning, making your area rugs even more comfortable underfoot.
  • They help to keep your area rug in place, ensuring that sliding and bunching never occurs.
  • They prevent scratching on the hard surface flooring underneath.

When you need area rug pads in Nampa and Boise, ID, reach out to our area rug experts! We can help you pair the best area rug pads with your specific rug type for premium results.
From enhancing sound absorption in the home to increasing safety indoor, the benefits of area rug pads are worth it!